Government Employees Welfare Society (NGO)

The Government Employees Welfare Society (NGO) has been registered as a welfare society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It has been formed with an objective to undertake welfare measures for the Government employees and their family members. The main objectives of the society includes to improve the living standards of the society by providing them good houses at the cost price i.e on NO-PROFIT-NO-LOSS basis.

Message From the President

Greetings friends and members. The Government Employees Welfare Society (GEWS) became a reality from a very modest idea and motivation to start a non-profit organization, which could be an inspiring way to give back to the community of Government servants and their families and help those in need. It was a coincidence that the Government of India launched an ambitious scheme of Land Pooling Scheme in Delhi with the aim of providing dream homes at affordable prices to all under several zones declared as ‘L’, ‘N’, P-II’, and ‘K’ Zone etc., within the city area of Delhi. I have seen our Society progressing steadily.

We began with generally talking to our few close friends who very enthusiastically accepted the idea of entering the Land Pooling Scheme and expressed desire to join, perhaps looking finding it a last and final opportunity of having our own, a decent and affordable home in Delhi. I must thank all my friends who whole heartedly supported me and joining me in this sacred mission. I thank all our worthy members of this family for posing confidence and elevating the core group to the level of management. I assure all members, that the present management would endeavour to gather all its strength and resources to accomplish the objective of the housing development project undertaken by us for the Benefit of all.

With the zeal and fervour the management committee is committed to the cause of the society sticking to the principle of no profit and serve our community as best we can.

Since ushering into the operations, Government Employees Welfare Society (GEWS) has pursued the Affordable and Smart Housing Policy for its Members and also to join the greater dream of providing affordable housing to all, on no-profit and no-loss basis, deriving tax benefits offered by the Government of India.

With Great Opportunity Comes Great Responsibility – said Winston Churchill. We recognize that the work we have undertaken bears substantial social responsibilities. I am of the view that larger the number of like minded members, more would be the ease to provide better amenities such as community hall, club, gym, swimming pool, play area, etc., which are dependent upon the area of land we are able to acquire for members.

The recent declaration of 95 villages on the edge of the Delhi Urban area as urban villages, along with the approval of the land pooling policy by the Lieutenant Governor, has generated a fair amount of excitement in the real estate sector. It is felt that with the availability of an additional 40,000 acres of land for extended urban development, and the growing need for substantial additional housing, this will provide a boost for new construction. Since the development authorities were finding it increasingly difficult to acquire land, because of the low compensation offered as compared to market value, in September 2013 they came up with the suggestion that land owners be requested to pool together parcels of land, for joint development with the Govt/ DDA, who would act as a facilitator with minimum intervention. However, until now it has not been possible to implement this, because of the rules governing construction in and around villages. It was necessary that the villages be declared as urban areas before any development could actually take place.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has earmarked seven land pooling policy (LLP) zones for urban development. These seven zones are J, K-I, K-II, L, N, P-I, P-II. The policy was notified in 2013, and 95 villages fall into these zones. Out of these, the L zone is the largest, spreading over an area of 22,000 hectares and located in South West Delhi.

Strategically Located close to Indira Gandhi International Airports, Delhi and Dwarka, the L-zone has the benefit of having easy access to Gurugram, proximity of Dwarka, IG International Airport, upcoming Diplomatic Enclave, and Convention Centre, Golf link, international stadium, new AIIMS and Delhi University campus.

Thank you all for the opportunity to lead this organization into the future.

For any query, please do not hesitate to be in touch with me on phone no. 9958448243.